For a third-country national who wishes to come to Germany, the application for the correct visa is essential. The prerequisites for getting started in Germany vary significantly and may impact the future stay.

Selection of Services

  • Assessment of visa situation and visa application support
  • Application of appropriate work permit (approval by Federal Labour Office)
  • Application of residence permit
  • Visa and residence permit assistance for dependents and family reunification
  • Registration in Germany
  • Review of assignment contracts
  • Citizenship
  • Support with local authorities

International assignment, specialists, studying or education, family reunification, or any other individual reason – we will help you through the jungle of regulations and procedures and assist with visa, work permit and residency issues regardless of the purpose of your stay.


The process of coming to Germany starts with an initial consultation of your individual situation. We will help you with applying for the appropriate visa, as well as subsequently for work and residence permits if necessary, compliant with local immigration legislation. We will monitor visa and work permit expiry dates and will assist you with visiting local authorities.
Leave your administrative burdens to us and let us make sure you have all documents needed at hand at the right time. Make the arrival pleasant, not tedious. Get in touch with CSIR.

EU Citizens

As a EU citizen, there may be no need for the application for visa or work permits. The needs may have a different focus. Please see our Related Services and Housing & Relocation.

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